Notes from my customers:

“Thanks Cole!  You did a great job with my problem horse…..he’d been mishandled in a previous training situation and was certainly a challenge due to his flighty behavior and lack of trust.  You agreed to ride him, and that’s exactly what you did!  No one was more surprised than I was when you nonchalantly stepped on him and quietly rode off the day I came to pick him up. His entire demeanor had changed….when I took him home he kept that soft look in his eyes, has great ground manners, and is still my buddy around the corral. I don’t ride young horses anymore so he’ll be back for more training in the spring.  Thanks again……you get my vote for a difficult task well done.”

-Bonnie Orvedahl, Flying O Ranch LLC, North Dakota

“I have trained horses since I was twelve. It takes a hand to be the one starting my colts now that I can’t. Cole Germann is the person I have chosen with no regrets. The most rewarding outcome for me is when I get on the colt he rides off as if I had started him. It is just awesome knowing how Cole has cued them, that he understands horse psychology, and he is not going to “cowboy them into resentful submission”. When I am on the colt I can trust him to respond well, not try me and ride out like a colt should. Cole reads the horse and proceeds with training based on the unique needs, the savvy and abilities of the critter. He shapes them into what the rider needs. He taught Hooah to stand up to a lick barrel to let me get on…a real benefit considering I have replaced knees. You will not regret becoming one of Cole’s clients. I can’t do it myself anymore so he is definitely the next best choice. Thanks Cole;  know both my horses and I appreciate you.”

-Sandy Grey Eagle, Glendive, MT

Each of the horses we took to Cole last summer received the kind of individual assessment and handling we hoped for.  The broke mare got the miles she needed.  Much more importantly to us, our nice racebred colts came home with fundamentals and a good attitude.  They hadn’t been fought with but they hadn’t been spoiled either.  Cole doesn’t just stand in the middle of the round pen thinking nice thoughts at them all month; he actually gets them broke.   Our colts are on the road to making good citizens – the first one is already winning for his new owner.  We work hard to raise really good horses and it’s critical to us to have a solid foundation so they can go to their next owner ready to reach their potential. Thanks, Cole!

Kristin Aus & Bruce Bainbridge, Aus Ranch Performance Horses, Glendive, MT

Cole started the young horse I’m riding right now and this horse is great. I’m so pleased with his change in attitude. He was sullen, spoiled, and unresponsive as well as buddy sour and barn sour; now he’s actually enthusiastic, alert, and fun to ride. Cole understands when it’s important to work with a horse, but equally important he understands when it’s necessary to get after a spoiled horse to achieve that positive attitude change. He now walks out and pays attention, really an enjoyable horse to ride; what a nice change. Cole also rode my broke gelding for me as he is my perfect horse except for the fact that he can really buck the first few times in the spring. After Cole rode him and he really did buck, I brought him home and used him to sort pairs for the next couple of days and he was absolutely perfect, never a buck or a bad step. I really appreciate having Cole work with our problem horses.

Tammy Kane, Wibaux, MT

“Cole’s clinic was an excellent experience.”

– Celine Deppiesse, Lafayette, CA

“Cole does a great job of explaining what he is doing with the horse and why. The hands-on experience of trying his techniques was a terrific confidence builder.”

– Steff Keire, Lafayette, CA

“After only six lessons on a horse, in the groundwork clinic I overcame my fear of controlling a horse while haltering, walking, or just being with the horse. Prior to this clinic most horses were able to push me around. I now feel confident and I know that confidence will enhance my comfort level around horses.”

– Barbara Martin, Napa, CA