General Mischief and Mayhem

Those lovely Southern Winters..


I cant tell you how excited we were to hit the road headed south.. We just couldn’t wait to spend the winter in Southern Pines, NC… Yes I could just picture it as we drove.. Soaking up the sun.. riding everyday.. horse shows… clinics.. We could hardly wait to get there and get our tack unloaded. Then kick back and pat ourselves on the back for having the for thought to spend the winters in the south… So I thought I’d share some pictures of just how sun filled and productive our winter has been….



So much for an early morning jump school…. Doesn’t Cole’s posture just scream “What the…. is this about!!”

IMG_1098 IMG_1089

Cole’s “I’m so glad I drove 2500 miles for this face.” On the upside the Dogwood looks pretty!!!


My attempt at being artistic…  But they are saying 70s next week so here’s to hoping!! Stay warm!!!

Ride ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em

~Cole & Grace